Next CBAS event

Hello beer-based friends

As many of you know,  I’ve handed the Chester Beer Appreciation Society (CBAS) reins to Simon Tiplady. His new website can be found at – the twitter account is still running @therealc_bas.

The next event is on 9th April 2013 at Artichoke Café Bar Bistro and will have a German theme. Knowing Nev as I do, it will be a night of glamour and sophistication. Show him and Simon a little love and get yourself down there.

I’ve moved onto another cause/calling. You can follow me and it here @chester_culture

Cheers, and thanks for your support.


3 Responses to Next CBAS event

  1. Only Me says:

    Hi All

    I have decided to create a Facebook page called ‘CESTRIAN BEER PAGES’ (all upper case for Facebook search) for those of you who have access to the world of Facebook.

    Just another excuse to share info or post comments on anything to do with Beer/Pubs in our wonderful city of Chester. Please feel free to send a friend request so that you can join and start posting.


    Only Me

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